It's time to move on, to let go of past hurts, pains, or failures. It's time to believe for bigger things.

There's a story of a girl who grew up shy, lacking with self-confidence. People around her tells her used to tell her that she was not good enough, she would never make her dreams come true, so would grow old as a mediocre ordinary person.

But she did not believe them no matter how hard they try to instill negative thoughts in her mind. She didn't dwell on what she lacked. She dwelled on what she had. She lacked self-confidence and was afraid of talking to people. But she loved to read, to learn. So all her school life, while people were telling her she won't achieve anything in life, she was always locked up in her room, reading books. She believed she can achieve something better than they expected.

After a few years in school, she graduated as the class valedictorian, bragged different medals from different school competitions she had won. Because she was conditioned by her environment as a 'shy' girl, she still lacked self-confidence, but continued reading books and kept on dreaming high.

In college, she graduated with latin honors, Cum Laude. She thought maybe all the people who kept telling her she was nothing were wrong. Because if she believed she could, she could do more.

She loved to spend her time reading books and day dreaming her goals in life while sipping coffee in a coffee shop. She dreamed of having her own coffee shop someday.

Few years later, she started her own coffee shop, and soon it grew from one small cafè to 25 branches nationwide.

Because she grew up thinking positive thoughts and having strong faith in God, she put up Wear Good Vibes together with her husband, to spread positivity and uplift the souls of people through quotes and thoughts to help them cope up with their daily struggles.

This is the story of someone who believed she can.

And this can also be your story, breaking the barriers of your past, refusing to let other people convince you that you are 'nobody'.

Because here's the key point: You will never go beyond the barriers of your own mind. If you think you can't do something, then you never will. The battle is in your mind, it's not a battle of you versus other people, it's a battle between you and your thoughts.

If you are defeated in your mind, you've already lost the battle.

If you don't think your dreams will ever come to pass, they never will. If you don't think you have what it takes to succeed, you won't succeed. The barrier is in your mind.

So that's why it is so important that we think positive thoughts of hope, faith and victory.

Maybe some people around you instilled negative thoughts into your mind, that you are not good enough making you believe that you don't have what it takes to be successful.

Don't believe those lies. Break through those limitations of the past and start thinking positive thoughts of faith.

It's time to move on, to let go of past hurts, pains or failures. It's time to believe for bigger things.

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