I don't want to use a ventilator. Save it for the younger ones. I already had a good life. 

This was a statement by a 90-year-old coronavirus patient who died after refusing being put on artificial respirator.

Suzanne Hoylaerts

Based on further research from media outlets online, this 90-year-old woman is Suzanne Hoylaerts who died in Belgium due to coronavirus, COVID-19, after refusing being put on an artificial respirator.

Artificial respirators are crucial in helping the severely infected coronavirus patients to recover. Because these patients are unable to breathe on their own, an artificial respirator will pump oxygen into the lungs.

Suzanne, while on isolation, reportedly refused the breathing assistance telling the doctors, "Save it for the younger ones. I already had a good life."

This heroic act of Suzanne touched the hearts of many netizens admiring her for her self-less act. She sacrificed her own life to save younger lives.

Here are some trending tweets for her:

"She was a great woman and meant true humanity. She really had a beautiful life, having a sheer heart that's scarce, one superb inspiration for the world. She will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, one of earth's angels." -@LadyOfRosary

"Rest in peace Ms. Suzanne Hoylaerts. You win the day." - @TalatShabbir

"A complete hero. We'll remember your kindness Suzanne." -@3to3

"In my eyes a selfless extremely brave hero is called Suzanne Hoylaerts." -@SeedSpook

"Saddening and touching gesture from a brave and selfless woman." -@Diabolicalldea

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