Survey says people who wear red strings are happier and luckier.


Why do some people tie a red thread on their left hand?
The fashion on wearing red thread began when Madonna first appeared in public with it. Actually, it has nothing in common with fashion, this symbol is used to protect you from something bad. The tradition to wear red thread is essential for Kabbalah (the esoteric discipline).
A lot of celebrities took after Madonna this trend, but not all of them tend to wear red thread. The Kabbalists believe that this thread should be tied by your lover or close relative to make it work. This thin rope can protect you from the evil eye and bad intentions.
Some people believed that wearing red thread over their wrist makes them more confident and successful. The thing is its purposes can change due to the hand you tied it around.
The Kabbalists claim that your left hand is the gateway to your body. If you wear this rope on your left hand, it will protect you from all the evil things other people send to you. The bracelet bought in some holy places considered to be more powerful.
Wearing the red rope on your right wrist suggest that girl is unmarried. This custom has a very ancient history and the images of the girls with red bracelets can be found in the Hindu temples. You should know that wearing red thread is not accepted by Christians as they believe that Kabbalah is an occult science.
Despite its supernatural powers, there are a lot of objective reasons to use it. This thin thread can help you to solve such health problems as inflammatory processes, different types of pain and restriction of blood circulation.


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