How To Be Productive While On Home Quarantine

God has given us all the time we need to finally prepare for who we want to be.

QUESTION: Within 20 days of home quarantine, what have you accomplished so far?

It’s not unproductive to watch Netflix, or browsing your newsfeed on Facebook, or watching TikTok videos, or playing games: if this is your way of coping up, of staying optimistic against this pandemic.

What’s unproductive is you watch the whole day, you browse your newsfeed the whole day, you play the whole day.

While all your investments (businesses and work) are on hold, investing in your self doesn’t stop.

Use this crisis as an opportunity to invest in yourself by building habits and daily routines that you can apply in your ‘normal’ daily life when this home quarantine is over.

You can still watch Netflix, or do anything you want to keep boredom away but give yourself just a few minutes to develop habits that will make you a better person after this crisis.

Here are some of the habits you can start building now:

1. The habit of learning

Read books, watch motivational videos, listen to podcasts. It depends on your learning style: videos, books, podcasts. Learn a new skill or a new mindset. Do this for at least 20 minutes a day.

2. The habit of exercising

I don’t need to elaborate this. You wanted to do this for a very long time but you keep telling your self that you don’t have time. Now you have! Start exercising for at least 20 minutes per day.

3. The habit of 16 hours of fasting

Trivia: almost all the successful people in the world do this. It keeps them healthier. You can skip dinner or skip breakfast. I skip breakfast and drink hot tea instead.

5. The habit of decluttering

Declutter your room a la Marie Kondo. Throw or donate all the things which no longer spark joy. You need to get rid of all your old things to make space for new things. Organize the things you want to keep. Develop the habit of keeping only what matters most.

6. The habit of doing what you love

Awaken your long-forgotten passions or hobbies. Cook, bake, make diy crafts, sew your own cloth, draw, paint, plant a seed. Any of your favorite hobbies when you were a kid. This is an opportunity to unleash your creativity. And maybe you’ll want to pursue your passion after this crisis. Start a blog. Start a Youtube account. Any thing you wanted to do for a long time but you set it aside because you didn’t have time. Now you have. Build a habit of doing what you love.

6. The habit of introspecting

Before you sleep, imagine who you really want to be. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Where are you now? What part of your present life do you want and do not want? What will you change and improve so you can be the person you want to be? Imagine, feel and visualize.

7. The habit of praying

Talk to God about your dreams, your plans. Ask for His guidance. Thank Him for all your blessings.

8. The habit of practising daily gratitude

Think of at least 3 things you are thankful for today. Be grateful. The more you thank God, the more He gives you reasons to be thankful for.

Building these habits won’t need a lot of your time. You can do these just for a few minutes.


God has given us all the time we need to finally prepare for who we want to be.

You can stay the same or come out of this pandemic as a better person, you choose.

We still have a few remaining days, use it wisely.

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